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Glass Fusing

glaze is thrilled to offer customers a walk-in glass studio in which to create stunning, original glass objects.

Glass fusing involves arranging and layering fusable glass pieces in order to create a piece ready to be fired in our kiln. You can create a piece that is flat (with or without hooks) and can be used as a decorative piece of art, or you can have your piece fired a second time to take on the shape of one of our molds and create a functional piece of art.

We have a multitude of sample glass pieces: small candy bowls, pendants, large wall-hangings, serving platters, and wine stoppers (just to name a few!).

All of the glass pieces you need to create a project are pre-cut for you. Simply use a dab of clear glue to hold the pieces together and watch your design come to life!

Worried about cutting your finger? glaze has several pieces of glass that are partially melted on the sides so you won’t come home with band-aids on your fingers. This makes it safe for the kids to use too!

Glass Fusing


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